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Wow... where to start! I have made multiple purchases including the potpourri vase, multiple coaster sets, key chain, dog treats, bath powder and more... I am so in love with everything. I have given some as gifts and they were well received! I look forward to more purchases in the future. 

Grace Hughes

The dog treats are amazing and I love that there is a vegan option! 


I absolutely love the customer service and how quick the order was received! 

Kayleigh P

I tried the sample pack of body scrub and it left me wanting more! I look forward to receiving my next order that I just placed of scrubs! 

Taryn Jones

I ordered the eucalyptus shower melts and absolutely love how they worked when I had a cold. I also love the body scrub! 


I bought a holiday ornament as a gift and loved that I got to choose EVERY aspect of it to be sure it was perfect for my friend. Thank you for your time with each item! 

Calvin Smith

I bought some shower melts in eucalyptus and love how refreshing it made me feel! 

Amber Y

I love the lavender fizzy bath powder and how relaxed it makes me feel! I also love the quality of the picture coasters! I highly recommend their products!

Lindsey B

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